The institution has a team of efficient and competent well-qualified teacher-educators who work diligently under the guidance of the Head of the Faculty to prepare best teachers of the society. The list of the faculty members together with their qualifications is as under.


The institution provides proper infrastructural facilities to the pupil-teachers so that they may find themselves in an appropriate environment of learning. The institution possesses

  1. One classroom for every 50 students
  2. Multipurpose hall
  3. Library –cum-reading room
  4. ICT resource centre
  5. Physics/Biology/Chemistry Laboratories
  6. Art and Craft Resource Centre
  7. Health and Physical Education Resource Centre
  8. Principal’s Office
  9. Visitor’s Room
  10. Admin.Office
  11. Common Room for the students
  12. Canteen
  13. Separate toilet facility for students, staff and PWD
  14. Multipurpose playfield
  15. Parking space
  16. Hostel/Paying Guest facility


Laboratories are vital for any Educational or training programme. As prospective teachers have to deal with a number of challenges while teaching in schools and illustrating concepts to their students so their preparedness for it is a must. The College of Education, SAMS gives vivid experiences of such significance through various well-equipped and well-maintained laboratories related to curricular transaction in the schools be it the ICT lab, Psychology Lab, Physics/Chemistry/Biology Lab ,Language Lb, or Maths Lab. These labs give our pupil-teachers a chance to gain deeper understanding of manipulative and assembly skills required in different lab operations.

Library System

The Faculty of B.Ed. (SAMS) has a well equipped and enriched library that caters to the reading and reference needs of the pupil-teachers in an effective manner. The possessions of the library include

Total number of books- 3975


Referred Journals -06


Educational CD-ROMS

And other facilities also.